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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? We can help you answer them.

What can we bring to Game On Fitchburg?

Below are some general rules for our Game On Fitchburg facility. The specific event you are attending will determine what, if any, additional restrictions exits. Please follow up with the event organizers of your event you are attending for a more detailed description of what may be prohibited.

Prohibited items for the indoor and outdoor facility.

  • No Tents or pop-ups indoors or outdoors.
  • No food or beverages indoors or outdoors.
  • No coolers indoors or outdoors.
  • No chairs inside.
  • No open flames, grills, or any other cooking items.
  • No fireworks.
  • No weapons.
  • No alcohol or drinks.
  • No pets in the indoor facility (only service dogs).
  • No pets on the turf outdoors.
Is there plenty of parking at the facility?
Yes, we have over 1,200 parking spaces currently with additional parking areas being cleared for our guests. Parking is at each of the fields as well as in the front and back of the building.
Does it cost for parking?
Yes, we do charge for parking only during our weekend tournaments. Parking receipts can and should be purchased at one of our parking kiosks inside the facility before leaving the complex.

  • Day pass – $10.00 per day
  • Weekend pass – $15.00 per day
Can I buy food and drinks at the facility?
Yes, we have a great selection of food at our Courtside Café, as well as our Game On Bar and Grill Restaurant. A menu for both can be found on our website under the “Food Tab”.
How do I get to the facility?
Our address is 100 Game On Way, Fitchburg, MA 01420. We have one entrance into the facility and one way out. Please enter the Industrial park at the industrial road entrance just off of 2A.
Can I have food delivered to the facility?
No, we don’t allow any food anywhere on the premises indoors our outdoors. We have a fantastic selection for everyone and you will really enjoy our amenities.
How do I book Axe Throwing Lanes?

The best way is to contact our front desk to book your reservation. Call 978-956-4111.

Do I need a membership to enter the facility?
No, we currently don’t have memberships so there is no cost to come check out the facility. All rentals of any of our courts, fields, axe throwing lanes, Pickleball Courts, Volleyball Courts, Basketball Courts due have an hour rental fee. Check out our “Rentals Page” on our website to view availability and to book.
Do you have handicap parking as well as an elevator to get up to the second floor?
Yes, we have plenty of handicap parking in the front and back of the entrance to the facility as well as at each of our outdoor turf fields. We also have a wheelchair lift for anyone needed assistance to go up on the second floor. You will need to go to the front desk to ask for assistance. Also, you could drive around the backside of the building and go in the back entrance which would put you right up on the second floor.
Is the arcade open all the time?
Yes, the arcade is open the same hours of operation.
How can I rent a field or court?

You can either contact us at the front desk (978-956-4111) to book your reservation or you can come in and we can get you set up anytime we have availability.

Is the Bar and Grill open for lunch?
As of right now the bar and grill is not open for lunch. We open at 4pm during the week and 10am on the weekends.
Do you have a lost and found and where is it located?

Yes, you can either call the front desk or ask any associate and we will look to see if anything was turned in or if we found it during our cleanup.

Do you sell Gift Cards?
Yes, we have gift cards in many denominations that you can purchase at the front desk. ($10, $15, $20, $25, $50, $100).